Born in Greece in 1989.

After studying photography at Akto Art and Design college, in Athens, Greece she continued her studies  at the International Centre of Photography in New York.

Her pictures explore the vastness of land, lights, textures and moments that she captures in silence, creating direction, impulse and motion.




Art Verona Fiera Dā€™ Arte, Pelagica Gallery, October 2018

Asthenia No.06, curated by Amalia Vekri, Hot Wheels Project, Athens, Greece, 8 March 2018- 24 March 2018

A Place Where Light Casts Many Enigmatic Shadows, curated by Basim Magdy, Artsumer Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Scorpio(s) Rising, curated by Margarita Bofiliou,Daily Laizy, Athens, Greece

Radial Gallery August Residency 2017- Thalassofile

In Situ Upstairs Projects, Brooklyn art event duo

On Elite Now - photography exhibition

634 Minutes in the Volcano 

In Athena

Hang then High - exhibition at Velvet Room

Ten Velvet years,  curated by Nadia Argyropoulou